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Story of Sneha School

While education was becoming a tool to earn a lot of money in the 1990s, Dr. Chandrashekhara Damle, a Sociology professor in a college, started thinking of establishing a Kannada medium primary school! There were two reasons behind it: Firstly, as he was teaching the college students, he realized that the foundational education was very poor among the college students and because of that, whatever the professors could actually teach and upskill the students was not happening! Secondly, he could also see the importance of providing education in the mother tongue to create a strong base for the children! He strongly believed that when a person gains knowledge in his or her own language, it is more relatable and hence would be easy to grasp, analyze and then articulate it further to apply elsewhere!

Initially he started engaging with local government schools to enhance the quality of education. But the system had less scope for innovation. That is when he had no choice but to start his own school! With this dream of starting the school, this young professor started approaching the local landlords or other rich people to fund his idea! He was all ready to execute it and make it a success! But the immediate response that he got was “are you mad?” Because he neither had land nor capital to establish the school. Apart from that, it was the time when English medium schools were mushrooming in a large number and this man wanted to swim against the flow! After several failed efforts, he thought of sharing his ideas with his friends and they quickly bought his idea! That is how Sneha School was born in 1996 with 5 students in Dr. Damle’s tiny house in Sullia! Sneha stands for friendship and it is also a remarkable structure to share the message of the strength of the unity of like minded people and the bonding of those friends have grown stronger over a period of time.

In 1996, the school was inaugurated by Jnanapeetha Awardee Dr. U R Ananthamurthy.

Celebrated activist Sri Kayyara Kinhanna Rai had visited the school as a chief guest.

Padma Vibhushana Dr. B M Hegde, who is a very famous cardiologist and Former Vice chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education has visited our school in early days as a mark of encouragement to our efforts.

In course of time, Sneha School was visited by so many stalwarts like, international level artists like Pandit Ronu Majumdar, Master Shashank, Vidwan T V Shankaranarayanan and so on,  educationists like Ranam Chandrashekhara, Dr. D N Dhanagare, Prof R Indira, Late Haldodderi Sudhindra, Prof Keshava Bhat, Pallatadka, Prof Adyanadka Krishna Bhat, Prof G T Narayana Rao, celebrities, politicians like ex education minister Sri Suresh Kumar, Sri Ramalinga Reddy and so on.

Icing on the cake was the visit of Bharata Ratna Dr C N R Rao in 2017 where he reiterated the importance of education in local language and he also clarified that Kannada medium was the reason for him to grow as an eminent scientist. He also blessed our students and teachers for their prosperity.